Route “Riviera Berica”

Percorso Riviera Berica

Length: 2h 30′

The “Riviera Berica” route begins in Contrà Pescherie Vecchie, where the Roman thermae were originally situated. Proceed along ContràPigafetta, which takes its name from the famous  sailor and geographer  native to Vicenza, whose house is located there, turn left and continue along Contrà San Paolo until you reach the roundabout in Piazza Matteotti.Take the first exit into the cycle path that runs along VialeGiuriolo, you will then arrive in VialeMargherita, which leads you in front of Scalette di Monte Berico (the 192 steps going up to Monte Berico). Here you will find the beginning of the cycle path that will conduct you to Valletta dei Mulini in Mossano.

The first destination suggested is Villa Capra also known as La Rotonda, a treasure of Vicenza designed by the architect Andrea Palladio in the 16th century and used for hunting purposes. The dwelling is characterised by elegant geometric patterns, which reveal its profound connection with the watercourse. In the past, this watercourse led straight to Venice.

You are now in Campedello, a medieval village near the Bacchiglione River, which has stood up to many floods. Here you can stop at “San Marco ice-cream parlour”, to get some rest. We recommend expert cyclists visit the archaeological industrial area in Ponte di Debbaor take an alternative route that leads to Costozza, a cultural and artistic village, situated near the MontiBerici. Costozzahosts these monuments: the ex-Church of Santa Sofia, Villa Trento Carli and Villa Da Schio. Back on the cycle path, once you reach Lumignano you can relax at “Ai Lumi” pub or in Ponte di Lumignano at “GiornaleCaffè” pub. This area is well known for its “bisi di Lumignano”, a particular quality of peas cultivated on the terraced hills of “Sasso”. Going along the cycle path in the direction of Ponte di Castegnero you will be able to see olive andcherry trees.

For your lunch break, the farmhouse farmhouse “Al Sole” in Castegnero will delight you with typical dishes. To reach the farmhouse you have to leave the cycle path, turn right and take Via Roma, until you reach the
crossroad with Via Fontane Fozze, where the farmhouse is located.

Back on the cycle path go on until Mossano. Here you will find “Vaca Mora Cafè”,named in honour of the little train that  linked the villages of Vicenza. Then, turn right and move towards the village centre. At the crossroad to Mossano, you will see “ibagni di Mossano”, a natural spring of warm water (30°C) which flows onto the fields. Once you take the climb,on your right you can admire the beauty of Villa Montruglio. Move onto Via Barre where “Valletta deiMulini” starts, consisting of 12 late medieval buildings. The first and oldest one is called “MulinoMucchietto”. Once you get your energy back, you can finally return to the cycle path and head back to Vicenza.


  • Villa Maffei Costalunga – Castegnero
  • Villa Montruglio – Mossano
  • San Bernardino Cavern– Mossano


  • “San Marco” ice-creamparlour, Via Fratelli Rosselli 62, Vicenza, tel. 0444 532145
  • “Ai Lumi” Pub , Piazza Mazzaretto 8, Lumignano (VI), tel. 3283229669
  • “Al Sole” Farmhouse, Via Fontana Fozze 2, Castegnero (VI), tel. 0444 730211

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