Route ”Ville dell’Alto Vicentino”

Villa Monza

Length: 3h

The route ” Ville dell’ Alto Vicentino” starts in Piazza dei Signori where we can admire the Palladian Basilica, Vicenza’s symbolic monument and Palladio’s greatest work.

Turning into Contra’ delle Morette and crossing Corso Andrea Palladio we continue into Contra’ San Gaetano Pieve and arrive in Piazzetta Santo Stefano.

At the second exit continue to Viale Grappa and at the next roundabout take the exit for Strada Marosticana.

Along the road on the right you can see Villa Trissino, one of the famous villas of the province in Palladian style that dates back to 1500 (unfortunately not open to the public).

When we arrive in Cavazzale we can find the second stop-over: Villa Giacomo Zanella, particulary cherished by the poet who had it built in 1878, taking inspiration from the Scamozzian architecture.

To get to Vigardolo continue on via Giacomo Zanella , then take via Marconi and on the right of via Giacomo Prati you can find the third stop-over: Villa Valmarana Bressan.

It is a building designed by Andrea Palladio in 1542 that became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. Then head to Povolaro where the 4th stage of the route is situated: Villino Rossi,a rustic complex in perfect Venetian style, realized by Andrea Palladio.

The next stop is in Dueville, where you can admire Villa Monza, seat of the Town Hall and built in 1715 by the Monza brothers. 

You can also enter the Barchessa and have a coffee at the bar of the cultural center.

Villa da Porto Pedrotti and Villa da Porto Casarotto are our next stop-overs, located a short distance from each other in Via da Porto.
Passing through Vivaro and Polegge you return to the centre of Vicenza, where you can visit Palazzo Chiericati in Piazza Matteotti. The palace, seat of the art gallery of the city, was designed by Andrea Palladio and has been declared World Heritage site of UNESCO.



In Monticello Conte Otto a very special vegetable is grown: the white carrot.

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