Route “On the footsteps of Antonio Fogazzaro”

rotonda di Longare

Length: 2h 30′

This route includes cultural, artistic and literary stops which influenced writer Antonio Fogazzaro’s life and thought.

He was born, lived and died in Vicenza, which was fundamental for his literary education.

He became a senator in 1896 and was nominated for the Nobel prize.

He is not only a careful observer of the human soul, but he also loves the land and nature. As geographer and botanist he expresses his love for landscape, plants and flowers through his daily experiences, in places linked also to his childhood memories (between Montegalda, Vicenza and Valdastico). He measures space in a simple way: walking, which is a recurring element of his novels and through which he expresses the emotions of the characters.


The route starts from casa Fogazzaro and continues along Corso Palladio, passing through Ponte degli Angeli, Contrà S. Pietro, Viale Margherita, Borgo Casale and Ponte di Debba. Then take the Longara cycle path to the roundabout with the Longare clock. At this point, we recommend taking the embankment and, at the large roundabout, taking the Montegalda direction. At the exit of the cycle path you can find, on the left, the road that leads to Castello Sorlini.


CASA FOGAZZARO, Via Ludovico Lazzaro Zamenhof 363, 36100 VI

The first stop is Casa Fogazzaro situated in Corso Fogazzaro.

OASI DI CASALE, Via Ludovico Lazzaro Zamenhof 363, 36100 Vi

It’s situated just outside the city of Vicenza, near the motorway exit Vicenza Est.
It’s managed and protected by WWF.

MUSEO DELLE CAMPANE, Villa Fogazzaro Colbachini, via A. Fogazzaro 3, 36047, Montegalda (VI).
This little, but precious museum, has an extensive bell collection, which is located in different halls. Expert guides will accompany you to discover chinese gongs, little bells created by Venetian artisans and artifacts used in ancient navigations.


Built as a military fortress in 1176 to defend Vicenza’s territory from Padova. Firstly it was property of the Scala family, then it passed into the hands of the Repubblica Serenissima di Venezia. Finally, it become the property of the Sorlini family.
This wonderful castle includes Andre Urbani’s paintings and Orazio Marinali’s sculptures. 


FOGAZZARO BAR PASTICCERIA (bread and pastries) – Corso A. Fogazzaro, 85

SAN MARCO ICE CREAM PARLOUR – piazza G. Marconi, Montegalda

TRATTORIA DA CIRILLO – via Lampertico, 13, Montegaldella Here you can eat Bacalá alla vicentina between wooden walls and columns. It’s a tidy place, where you can also eat vegetarian dishes and it’s perfect for families.

BAR CASTELLO – Piazza Castello, Vicenza

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